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Troy Lee Designs Air Youth Gloves

Air Youth Gloves
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Air Youth Gloves

Troy Lee Designs gloves are all researched, designed and meticulously tested before they make their way on to the hands of great athletes around the world. Our acute attention to detail paired with a fearless sense of style and design make for a superior quality product. With a vast selection of colors, construction and levels of protection, there is a perfect fit for every individual.
Air Glove Features:
Self dyed 2-way stretch spandex body
Dual layer perforated Clarino synthetic leather palm
Sonic-welded TPR graphics on top of hand and fingers
Velcro wrist closure

Product Name Size Color Part Number
Air Youth GlovesLgBlack406003224
Air Youth GlovesSmRed406003442
Air Youth GlovesXLFlo Yellow406003555
Air Youth GlovesSmLight Blue406003332
Air Youth GlovesXLRed406003445
Air Youth GlovesXLFlo Orange406003775
Air Youth GlovesLgFlo Yellow406003554
Air Youth GlovesLgRed406003444
Air Youth GlovesXSRed406003441
Air Youth GlovesMdLight Blue406003333
Air Youth GlovesXSBlack406003221
Air Youth GlovesXLFlo Green406003885
Air Youth GlovesXLLight Blue406003335
Air Youth GlovesSmFlo Orange406003772
Air Youth GlovesLgLight Blue406003334
Air Youth GlovesMdRed406003443
Air Youth GlovesSmFlo Green406003882
Air Youth GlovesMdFlo Green406003883
Air Youth GlovesXSFlo Yellow406003551
Air Youth GlovesMdBlack406003223
Air Youth GlovesLgFlo Green406003884
Air Youth GlovesXLFlo Pink406003015
Air Youth GlovesSmBlack406003222
Air Youth GlovesXSFlo Orange406003771
Air Youth GlovesMdFlo Yellow406003553
Air Youth GlovesLgFlo Pink406003014
Air Youth GlovesSmFlo Yellow406003552
Air Youth GlovesMdFlo Orange406003773
Air Youth GlovesMdFlo Pink406003013
Air Youth GlovesSmFlo Pink406003012
Air Youth GlovesXSLight Blue406003331
Air Youth GlovesXSFlo Green406003881
Air Youth GlovesXLBlack406003225
Air Youth GlovesLgFlo Orange406003774
Air Youth GlovesXSFlo Pink406003011