Dirt Bike Exhaust System Parts


There are many reasons why you might want to update your dirt bike’s exhaust system. Adding more power to your bike is obviously one of them, but that is not the only reason. Noise pollution is another. A good exhaust system will minimize your bike’s decibel levels, allowing you to have a quieter ride. This is important as many races have strict requirements when it comes to decibel levels. Also, new dirt bike exhaust parts often weigh lighter, enabling you to get around those corners faster if you’re into racing.

At TMS Parts, we understand the importance of having a good exhaust system, which is why we carry parts for 4-stoke and 2-stoke bikes designed to match your riding style. Whether you’re a serious racer or someone who enjoys the trails on the weekend, you can find exhaust system parts from the biggest names in the industry, including FMF, Fly Racing, Pro Circuit, Two Brothers Racing, and more.

Not sure which part you need? Start out with our OEM parts search tool to find the silencer, muffler, or pipe you need for your bike’s exhaust system. Check out our complete selection of dirt bike exhaust parts below.