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Even the most talented dirt bike rider takes a spill every now and then. If you and your bike hit the ground or encounter flying debris, you'll need dirt bike protective gear that will shield you. At TMS Parts, your safety is our utmost concern. We are riders too, and we understand the dangers that are out there every time you go out on the track.

Our supply of motocross protective gear includes knee guards, neck braces, shin guards, dirt bike goggles, elbow guards, and much more from Fly Racing, Fox, Pod, Shift, Troy Lee Designs, and more. They were designed to keep you protected, but are lightweight enough so they won't slow you down.

In the past several years, the technology has changed dramatically, and we are excited to bring you the latest innovations from the top dirt bike gear companies in the country. If you are looking for dirt bike protective gear that will keep you safe when you ride, check out our selection of men's motocross protective gear today.

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  • Elbow Glider

    Fox Elbow Glider

    Special Price $30.60

    Regular Price: $34.00

  • SHIFT Enforcer Elbow Guard 2018

    Fox SHIFT Enforcer Elbow Guard 2018

  • Elbow Pads

    Fox Elbow Pads

    Special Price $44.10

    Regular Price: $49.00

  • Elbow Guard 5500 Short

    Fox Elbow Guard 5500 Short

  • 875 Ultra Knee Support

    Troy Lee Designs 875 Ultra Knee Support

  • Knee/Shin Guard 5450

    Troy Lee Designs Knee/Shin Guard 5450

  • 870 Ultra Knee Stabilizer

    Troy Lee Designs 870 Ultra Knee Stabilizer

  • Knee Guard 5400 Short

    Troy Lee Designs Knee Guard 5400 Short

  • Raid Knee Guards

    Troy Lee Designs Raid Knee Guards

  • Catalyst X Knee Brace System

    Troy Lee Designs Catalyst X Knee Brace System

  • Method Knee Guards

    Troy Lee Designs Method Knee Guards

  • Speed Knee Sleeves

    Troy Lee Designs Speed Knee Sleeves


1 to 12 of 220

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5