Return Policies

  • Please email your return request to [email protected]. Include your part number(s) and qty(s) that you are requesting for return authorization. Return authorization numbers will be issued via email only.

  • All returns must be delivered back to our location within 21 days or less from the date the supplier shipped the item to us in order for us to be able to return the item(s).

  • All parts/accessories that are accepted for return will have a 15% restocking fee or for large/oversize items the amount of return shipping will be charged, whichever is greater

  • All parts/accessories must be in their original packaging with original part numbers intact. Our suppliers will not accept returns unless all original packaging, including the original shipping box with a part number on it is received in good condition. Returned items and packaging must be free from scratches, blemishes, tears, dents, and pen markings. Packaging tape on the product label is an immediate disqualification.

  • Non-returnable items without limitation are the following, all decals, tools, manuals, installed items, and electrical items (electrical item constitutes any part that receives, produces or transfers electricity). We reserve the right to decline any item received that we’re unable to return to the supplier.

  • All returns must include a copy of the original invoice and your return authorization number.

  • No OEM single parts or accessories with an invoice price less than $10.00 will be accepted for return. If you have multiple quantities of an item and the invoice price X QTY exceeds $10.00 this is acceptable for return.

  • Arctic Cat OEM brand parts or accessories with invoice price under $40.00 and all bearings are non-returnable.

  • Return of parts sold in a pack qty must be returned in the complete pack qty for acceptance.

  • Upon issuance of an RA number it is presumed you have read and followed the return policies as stated here within. will not be liable for return shipping costs of your items if you fail to follow the return policies, neglect to ship the return back to us in a timely manner after receiving authorization, or your items are unable to be accepted. Cancellation Policy

Once your order is submitted, there is a good chance we will be ordering it very soon. If your order is placed on order with the supplier and you need to cancel for any reason then a 15% restocking fee will apply.

You’re responsible for cancelling your back ordered items before they are shipped to our location, cancelled items that are not released from back order by the supplier may be cancelled at any time with no restocking fee. Items that are released off back order and are in transit to us from the supplier will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. Please email us all cancellations, we don’t accept verbal cancellations. Damage & Shortage Policies

Shipping damage or shortages must immediately be filed within 24 hours of package delivery date to your location as your shipment tracking number will indicate. Claims outside of this period will jeopardize reimbursement. Please contact us promptly by email or phone. You must keep the original packaging for all damage claims.