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WSM Throttle Cable

Throttle Cable
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Throttle Cable

Manufactured to OEM specifications
Designed for smooth operation
Economically priced replacement cables
All stainless steel fittings
Cables feature inner vinyl linings

Product Name Size Color Part Number
Throttle Cable002-055-05
Throttle Cable002-038-04
Throttle Cable002-057
Throttle Cable002-055
Throttle Cable002-036-03
Throttle Cable002-036-02
Throttle Cable002-034
Throttle Cable002-055-02
Throttle Cable002-039-03
Throttle Cable002-055-06
Throttle Cable002-032-01
Throttle Cable002-028
Throttle Cable002-032
Throttle Cable002-033-02
Throttle Cable002-034-01
Throttle Cable002-034-02
Throttle Cable002-034-04
Throttle Cable002-039-02
Throttle Cable002-053-01
Throttle Cable002-055-01
Throttle Cable002-055-03
Throttle Cable002-055-04
Throttle Cable002-055-07
Throttle Cable002-055-08
Throttle Cable002-056
Throttle Cable002-061
Throttle Cable002-066
Throttle Cable002-033-03
Throttle Cable002-055-11
Throttle Cable002-055-12
Throttle Cable002-055-14
Throttle Cable002-055-10
Throttle Cable002-034-06
Throttle Cable002-036-06
Throttle Cable002-055-13
Throttle Cable002-034-05
Throttle Cable002-036-04
Throttle Cable002-036-05