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In order to fully get the experience of riding a dirt bike on a racetrack or out on the back country roads, you'll need to have the right apparel and gear. Men's Dirt bike riding gear keeps you safe. When you go out and ride, you may encounter rain and other weather elements, sand, pebbles, or even bugs. Our men's dirt bike riding gear makes sure that you are ready for every scenario so you can concentrate on the ride.

Also, let's not forget that your apparel should be form-fitting and not be too worn-down. This could affect your performance. The last thing you would want is to not ride as well as you would like because you're wearing the wrong apparel. If you have outgrown your current dirt bike apparel, need to replace worn out men's motocross gear, or are new to the sport altogether, TMS Parts has you covered.

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  • Whit3 Label Solid Helmet

    Shift Whit3 Label Solid Helmet

  • Whit3 Label Tarmac Helmet

    Shift Whit3 Label Tarmac Helmet

  • Whit3 Label Tarmac Jersey

    Shift Whit3 Label Tarmac Jersey

  • Recon Phoenix Jersey

    Shift Recon Phoenix Jersey

  • Whit3 Label Ninety Seven Jersey

    Shift Whit3 Label Ninety Seven Jersey

  • Recon Checkers Jersey

    Shift Recon Checkers Jersey

  • 3Lack Label Mainline Jersey

    Shift 3Lack Label Mainline Jersey

  • 3Lack Label Mainline Pants

    Shift 3Lack Label Mainline Pants

  • Whit3 Label Tarmac Pants

    Shift Whit3 Label Tarmac Pants

  • Whit3 Label Ninety Seven Pants

    Shift Whit3 Label Ninety Seven Pants

  • Recon Ride Pants

    Shift Recon Ride Pants

  • Whit3 Label Pro Gloves

    Shift Whit3 Label Pro Gloves


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Men's Riding Apparel department

At TMS Parts,we carry top of the line helmets, jerseys, pants, gloves, and more that look good too. All of our men's dirt bike riding gear is guaranteed to fit or you can exchange it for free. If you're looking for men's motocross gear that keeps you protected so you can enjoy the thrill of the ride, find it here at TMS Parts.