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HJC RPHA 10 Pro Helmet

RPHA 10 Pro Helmet
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RPHA 10 Pro Helmet

Advanced P.I.M. (Premium Integrated Matrix) Fiberglass
Fiberglass composite shell made from a blend of carbon fiber, fiberglass, aramid and organic non-woven fabric
Max Airflow Top Vent
Six-Stage variable airflow is adjusted by glove-friendly dials on each intake vent
ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System
Full front-to-back airflow flushes heat and humidity out of the interior
SilverCool Plus Interior
Soft, moisture-wicking and odor-free interior with ginkgo extract and advanced silver antibacterial fabric. Crown and cheek pads are fully removable and washable
RapidfireII Shield Replacement System
Simple and secure shield ratchet system provides ultra-quick, tool-less removal and installation for efficient operation
RPHA 10 cheekpads are interchangeable throughout all shell sizes
Pinlock Prepared HJ-20 Shield
Optically superior Pinlock-prepared 2D face shield provides 95% UV protection
Innovative center one-touch open/close locking system is designed for an extremely secure seal
Pinlock fog-resistant lens included
Optional Pinlock Prepared 2D Flat Racing
Shield With Tear-off Post
Built-In Communication Speaker Pockets
Breath Guard and Chin Curtain Included

Product Name Size Color Part Number
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetXLWhite0800010907
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetLgAnthracite0800011706
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetLgBlack0800010506
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetMdAnthracite0800011705
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetXSAnthracite0800011703
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetMdLight Silver0800010705
RPHA 10 Pro Helmet2XLAnthracite0800011708
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetMdWhite0800010905
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetSmMatte Black0800013504
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetLgLight Silver0800010706
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetSmAnthracite0800011704
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetXSMatte Black0800013503
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetXLLight Silver0800010707
RPHA 10 Pro Helmet2XLLight Silver0800010708
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetXSLight Silver0800010703
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetLgMatte Black0800013506
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetXSWhite0800010903
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetLgWhite0800010906
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetSmLight Silver0800010704
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetXLMatte Black0800013507
RPHA 10 Pro Helmet2XLWhite0800010908
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetSmWhite0800010904
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetMdBlack0800010505
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetXLAnthracite0800011707
RPHA 10 Pro Helmet2XLMatte Black0800013508
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetSmBlack0800010504
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetXLBlack0800010507
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetXSBlack0800010503
RPHA 10 Pro Helmet2XLBlack0800010508
RPHA 10 Pro HelmetMdMatte Black0800013505